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Renting and Finding Spare Rooms

Searching for that spare room to rent can be a daunting prospect, but Bellrooms is here to help. You may find by searching for 'rent a room London' that you find the perfect space you need, but it's not just about rooms to/for rent in London, there are a lot of other areas outside London, where there is abundance of space available. Often to find that perfect space can be best with someone to share it with, a flatmate for example as part of a flat share. So, if your intention is to look for rooms to let on your own or with someone else, a share room or share house option may be just the solution for you. Bellrooms has all types of space available - Search now.


Landlord & Commercial Advertising

There are literally thousands of people searching for a bedroom to rent or a spare room, such as spare room London. If you are a live-in Landlord, you may be looking for a Lodger as part of a flat share or share house scheme and have rooms to let. Conversely, you may want to rent all your bedrooms. Either way there are thousands of people looking for that perfect space.

It can be both financially and socially rewarding to say that my house or my spare room is being let. Whether it's rooms to rent in London or elsewhere, bellrooms can help you advertise your space.

Wedding venue, events & conference rooms

The demand for commercial space in many parts of the UK is high. Whether its office space, a conference room or a party venue that is needed, there are numerous options available to you from private landlords with offices to rent to businesses who have larger event space for venue hire. It can often be a time consuming and costly process trying to find that perfect space that you need, when and where you need it.

Whether you're looking for wedding venues in London or searching for banquet halls, Bellrooms can help you find what you need. Finding space is important for many people and it is not just in London, but could be wedding venues in Birmingham or wedding venues in Glasgow that are needed and available.

Looking to rent a wedding venue or advertise your venue? Bellrooms offers advertising and searching for wedding venues
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Offices and conference rooms and venues for hire. Find your perfect office space and conference room