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Renting and Finding Your Next Space


Do you have any available space or are you looking for that specific space to rent? Bellrooms is a UK based website operating in the UK and is about bringing together those who have any available space in contact with those who need it. Founded by David, the idea for Bellrooms was initially sparked by his young son! "During long car journeys, instead of playing "I spy" or "who can spot the first white car", we counted as many empty spaces as we could see where people couldn't or didn't seem to live in, including sheds, garages and barns that looked as if they were unused. One day on the way to Cornwall, he blurted out “Why are there so many empty spaces, Dad?" That was the "Eureka" moment."

With so much space available, across the country and yet so much demand, it’s a great opportunity to rent your space. You may be thinking, what do we mean by ‘space’? Well although I love astronomy this is about the earthly bit!  Space can be literally anything, from a spare bedroom, to a parking space or even a wedding venue.

It’s a great way to earn some extra money, but at the same time help others that need it. Parking is notoriously an issue for many, but doesn’t need to be. There are a lot of opportunities to find a place to park your car close to where you need to be. Likewise, you may have a spare bedroom available because the kids have moved on. Renting it may be one of the best things you could do as it is not just financially rewarding, but can be immensely socially rewarding too! People often crave that open space feeling and something which is theirs, even if its temporary. A vegetable allotment is a prime example, whereby the natural feeling of growing your own produce appeals to many. With so much unused land, it could be a wonderful opportunity to give people that opportunity and make some extra cash!

Bellrooms, is simple, because you find the type of space you are looking for in the area you want it. To advertise your space is quick and easy and can be done in a matter of few minutes. The best bit, is that for the time being its 100% FREE. Whether you are advertising your space or searching for a space to rent, you pay nothing! NO, there is no catch!