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Advertise A Room To Rent – When Should You Start Marketing Your Room?

Advertise a room to rent online too late, and you end up compromising on the type of tenant you go for, which could be a disaster later down the line. Nevertheless, you also don’t want to advertise too early, as no one will be interested in the room you have available. So, when is the right time?

It is a good idea to advertise room for rent at least one month before your current tenants are leaving. This should give you more than enough time to find the perfect person for the room. All you need to do is add the date that the property is available on your advert and this makes sure that people only apply if the dates suit them. If you are going to be showing people around a room that is already occupied, you need to communicate with your current tenants. You need to give them a bit of notice. This may already be pre-determined in your contract. It is to your benefit to give them as much notice as possible, as it means they have time to tidy their room and ensure it is in a presentable condition. As you soon as you post an advert to try and appeal to those looking to rent a room, you need to check the listing each day and manage your messages effectively, otherwise you could miss out on some great opportunities. People don’t like to wait around when it comes to something as important as sorting out their accommodation.

Hopefully, you now have a good idea regarding when you should start to advertise a room to rent. If now is the right time, Bellrooms Ltd can assist. Simply head to our website, https://www.bellrooms.com/, to post your listing today. Our service is currently available free of charge for a limited time period.