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Advertise A Room – Things You Should Not Leave Out Of Your Advert

Advertise a room via online letting websites if you want to get the most exposure. Nevertheless, you do need to ensure that your listing is put together the right way. A lot of people leave out crucial information, which they shouldn’t, as it will only cause wasted time and frustration. Read on to find out more.

If someone is looking to rent a room out, one thing they certainly want to know is whether the household is smoking one. A lot of non-smokers won’t want to live in a house with someone that smokes. You may think that the best thing to do is simply disguise this to get more interested tenants. But, when someone comes for a viewing, they will only be annoyed that you have wasted their time. Another thing you need to include when you advertise room for rent is to state the location of the room, i.e. is it on the ground floor or the first floor. Next, make sure you advertise your spare room as a house share. No one looking for a one-bedroom flat wants a bedroom in a house share; so, don’t try to blur the lines in order to tempt more people. Be honest and upfront about what you are offering, and make sure you are advertising in the right places, i.e. websites that specialise in room rentals, not property rentals. Finally, you will be amazed by how many people don’t say whether the room is furnished or unfurnished – don’t leave this out.

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