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Advertise Spare Room – Key Features To Make Your Room Stand Out

Advertise spare room is not always as easy as it sounds. You know why your spare room is amazing, but showing others why this is the case is what really matters. Below, we take a look at some key features that are really going to make your advertisement stand out.

One of the most important things that people look for when they want to rent a room out is location. This is probably the number one determinant for renters. Relevant information includes public transport links, and how close you are to nearby grocery stores and other important amenities. The next thing that people look for is the rental price. Everyone wants to feel like they are getting a bargain. You should take a look at what other people are pricing their rooms at. You may want to consider offering bills as part of the rental fee instead of as an extra cost. This is especially important if you want to advertise room for rent to students. Another way to make your listing stand out is to include testimonials. If you have rented out your spare room to lodgers before, get them to write some feedback about their experience. Positive reviews can really help to boost your listing. Aside from this, think about anything else that is going to make your property and the room stand out from the other rooms that are available in the area.

If you are looking to advertise spare room, get started with Bellrooms Ltd. All you need to do is enter a few details and your listing will be posted immediately. You can post up to 20 listings, which can be managed via the ‘My Account’ page on our website. For more information, head to https://www.bellrooms.com/. Or, if you have any queries, give us a call on 01483 698 677 or send an email to [email protected] Ltd.