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Carrie’s Home Foundation

Tiny things for big wins

The original idea for Bellrooms was inspired by Carrie Kalman. A thoughtful, loving and kind person, Carrie spent most of her career working in a County Council helping people. She is passionate about building a sense of community. Looking out for one another and sharing resources to create a happier and more peaceful society. Her belief is that the smallest things can bring in the biggest wins. From one kind gesture to another, that will make a difference to someone’s life.

The no deposit cycle

In April 2017, Carrie was diagnosed with cancer, an inoperable brain tumour. During a hospital stay, Carrie met someone. Through a chance conversation, Carrie discovered that she was living in a very difficult cycle impacting on her well being. She was desperately trying to pull together enough money to move into a flat. At the end of each month, there was not enough money left to save for her deposit. It was just a few hundred pounds. With empathy and compassion, Carrie gave her the money she needed as a gift.

The need for a helping hand

With the reduction of Government grants, the increasing cost of private rents and the lack of affordable housing in the UK, further help is needed to help people on lower incomes to move into a home. Help and support to break the cycle caused when it is impossible to save money for a deposit. Carre’s Home Foundation was established to do just this. To provide the gift. To bridge the gap. No commitment and no repayments.

Make a difference

Please support someone who needs a helping hand to find a home by donating at JustGiving here today. Even the smallest gift can make a big difference to those who need it.