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Find A Flatmate UK – How To Ask Questions Like A Pro

Find a flatmate UK based by asking the right questions. Once people have shown interest in your listing, the next step is always to meet them in person for an interview so you can get a feel as to what they are like. This doesn’t need to be a formal interview – it can be more of a laidback chat, but it is important that you ask the right questions.

There is an art to asking questions, and we are going to reveal how to get it right. The trick is to ask questions that are open-ended – don’t choose something that can be answered with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’. You should also hold back on your point of view and expectations, instead allowing them to express their thoughts first, otherwise you could skew their answers. So, what sort of things do you need to ask when trying to find flatmates? Of course, there are the obvious, technical aspects, such as how rent will be paid. But, when getting to know the person, you should ask general questions about their life, as well as their views on the big things. The latter includes topics such as friends staying over, parties, paying bills and cleaning. When it comes to general questions, ask them about their interests, work and plans for the future. The purpose of this is to gain a better understanding of who they are before you rent a room out to them. Finally, propose real-life scenarios and ask for their response. This is a good way of finding out how they deal with conflict and any issues that might arise during the tenancy.

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