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Find A Roommate Website – Choose A Website That Does Not Have Promoted Adverts

Find a roommate website has become the popular choice when you have a spare room that you want to rent out and you are looking for the perfect roommate. However, with so many different websites to choose from, it can be difficult to know where you should advertise your spare room.

One thing you could consider is choosing a website that has no promoted adverts. There are quite a lot of rent a room websites that have promoted adverts, which means they push certain rooms to the top of the listings, giving them a better chance. This means that advertisers with bigger budgets to spend tend to come out on top for the room listings. If you need to find a roommate quickly and you do not have a lot of money available for marketing, you could struggle if you choose a website with promoted adverts. An alternative may be to look for a website that operates a fair system whereby the adverts that appear feature only in relation to how closely they match up with what the potential tenant has searched. So, if you fulfil the person’s criteria, you will be at the top of the listings. This means that all advertisers are going to have a fair chance of finding a tenant for their space.

At Bellrooms Ltd, we operate a very fair advertising system; we do not promote any advertisers who use our find a roommate website. All you need to do is upload your details and you are posted on our website straight away, enabling you to find a roommate as quickly and efficiently as possible. To get started, all you need to do is head to our website: https://www.bellrooms.com/. If you have any queries, you can give us a call directly on 01483 698 677.