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Find a Flatmate

Flatmates in a Flatshare

Are you looking for someone to share your flat? It's a great way to spread the cost of your accommodation and can be a great way of making new friends! It's important when looking for a flat share that you ensure your advert stands out among the rest but also that it is honest and shows your personality. After all, your new flatmates will be sharing your space and you need to get along!

You can advertise for flatmates on Bellrooms and be sure to include as much detail as possible to find the right flatmate for you.

Tips on Writing a Successful Advert to Find Your Flatmate

1. Add enticing pictures of your flat and the bedroom that is available for rent.

2. Tell them a bit about yourself including your likes and dislikes and what you expect out of a flatmate. Do you adhere to a particular diet, perhaps a vegetarian? Do you enjoy gaming or watching TV? Things like this may all have an impact on whether you will get along with your potential flatmate.

3. Perhaps describe the area that you live in and the amenities around you. Are you close to the tube, bus stop, local gym, pub or town centre? Is there parking?

4. Tell them about the rooms in the flat. Do you have both a shower and bath? Does your kitchen have a microwave and is there a washing machine and tumble dryer? Will they have use of a good sized wardrobe and access to a garden?

5. Don't forget to add information about expected responsibilities. Will you share the cooking and bills/expenses? 

6. Give your advert a great title that draws in potential flatmates.

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