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Find Flatmates London – Be Honest In Your Ad

Find flatmates London based isn’t as easy as you would expect. Being England’s capital and most populous city, you would expect it to be straightforward when looking to find a flatmate. However, you don’t want to share your home with just anyone, which is why it is so important to be honest in your advert.

When putting an ad together to find flatmates, you may be tempted to write what you think people want to hear, instead of being honest. Of course, you want to rent a room out as soon as possible so that you can start adding to your monthly income. Nevertheless, problems can easily arise if you do not handle the search process carefully. Your advert needs to give a glimpse of your personality and explain the type of thing that you are looking for. If you prefer nights in and you go to bed early, you don’t want a party animal that is going to stroll in at 3am every Saturday morning. By being honest in your ad, you may get fewer replies, but they will be replies from people that are actually suitable, and this is important. Despite this, it is crucial to remember that you are searching for a housemate, and not a best friend. So, while it is vital to make sure you are both compatible in regards to living together, you shouldn’t be too fussy. If you live to watch horror movies and they prefer rom-coms, it shouldn’t be a deal breaker!

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