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Find Me A Flatmate – Why Living With A Stranger Is Better

Find me a flatmate may be something you have asked your friends and family members countless times. People often feel more secure sharing their home with someone they know instead of a stranger. However, there are benefits associated with the latter, as we reveal in more detail below.

While you may feel more comfortable sharing your home with a friend, family member or acquaintance, there are problems that can arise, which is why you should consider looking to find flatmates that you have never met before. One of the issues regarding sharing with someone you know is that it creates a false sense of security. Some people feel more comfortable than others, which can lead to them using things without permission, entering your bedroom when you aren’t there, and such like. This may not cause offense to some people, but to others it can feel like they are being disrespected. Moreover, you could end up losing your friendship if issues arise such as unpaid rent, disrespect for you or the property, or the general strain of living with one and other begins to take over. You have to ask yourself if it is really worth it? If your best friend recommends a tenant to you, and this tenant does not pay their rent, it undoubtedly place strain on your relationship with your best friend. Most people would prefer to avoid the potential for such a scenario.

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