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Free Rental Agreement Template Download

Why you need a rental agreement? have a free agreement to anyone who wants to rent a spare room or any space. believe having an agreement in place is an important part of renting as it provides legal protection. The agreement (Short Term License to Occupy Agreement) is a formal document stating the requirement and conditions of the rental. Having a document which is signed by the Licensor (person letting their room or space temporarily) and Licensee (person wanting to occupy/use the room or space temporarily) can protect against unpredictable expenses. If you had just taken occupancy of a bedroom with an en-suite, but a few days into the rental, through no fault of your own, a leak was discovered and there was no contract in place, you could be held liable and asked to pay for the damages /repair! An agreement, like the one has provided is a proactive way of dealing with situations upfront. Its set out so everyone is clear and understands what they are and are not responsible for.

Obviously, we all hope it never does, but if a dispute arises between the person renting the space, and the person using it, a rental agreement provides a structured way to deal with it.

Overall a rental agreement does not mean, nothing will ever go wrong, but what it does do is provide a basis to help resolve things in case they do.

Free tenancy agreement draft template download (Short-term License to Occupy agreement) are offering a free rental agreement, (Short-term License to Occupy agreement). No catches, no requirements or details needed. It’s yours to use - totally FREE!

Whether you are the person renting the space, and the person using it, this agreement is a great template to help you protect your interests. The free contract is suitable for all your rental space needs, including a spare room, garage, driveway or parking space.

The contract has been developed by our legal partners, Upstart Alliance with a simple set of notes to help you use it. It is completely editable, but we would of course advise you not to add or change wording, but to follow the notes and delete what is not applicable. If you would like some further advice on what to take out and what to leave in, you can reach them at info [at]

We hope that the agreement helps you with your RENTAL arrangements!

Please do lets us know how you get on, or if you have any questions at info [at]

Download the FREE Tenancy agreement template here