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How To Find Flatmates – Common Mistakes Made

How to find flatmates is a question often searched on the Internet, as more and more people decide to rent a room out in their home to make some more cash. When renting out a room, it is important to choose a flatmate with care, and below we reveal some common mistakes to avoid.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they try to find flatmates is looking for a friend instead of a tenant. Of course, it is vital to ensure that you and the flatmate are suited to living together, so personality traits and likes and dislikes do need to be considered. However, the person is not filling out an application form to be your best friend, and you do need to keep this in mind when deciding whom to rent the room out to. Another common error is rushing into the search process and selecting one of the first people that reply to your ad. Your search for the perfect tenant needs to be conducted with care. You need to meet in person, have an interview with anyone you like the sound of, and you must ask all the right questions; from how the person is going to pay the rent to what their interests are. Another common error is lying in your advert. A lot of people do this because they want to increase the chances of people replying to their ad. However, a large proportion of these people won’t be right for your flat, as they are applying based on inaccurate information.

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