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I Want To Rent A Room Out In My House – How Do I Get It Ready?

I want to rent a room out in my house, but how do I get it ready? No matter what type of room you are renting out, be it a spare bedroom, an office space, or any other underutilised space you have, you need to ensure it is ready before you rent it out.

The first thing you need to do is think about what you want to offer when you rent a room out. There are numerous different models available today, from flexible and customised offers, including full-time student models, to traditional full-time rentals. You also need to be honest about what your space has to offer. Be truthful about the condition of the space, the size of it, the location, transport links and the local facilities. There is no point in misleading people that read your ad, as they will only find out the truth when they arrange a viewing, so in the end you will simply end up wasting your own time and theirs. Who will want to rent my spare room? This is what you need to consider next. Will your room appeal to couples, single people, or students? What type of person is going to be compatible with your personality? Are pets welcome? You also need to consider how much you are going to charge any potential tenant. Do your research to see what other landlords are charging for similar rooms, and don’t forget that you get £7,500 per annum tax-free under the Rent a Room Scheme.

I want to rent a room out in my house, but how do I find a tenant? This is something that Bellrooms Ltd can assist with. Our rental website, https://www.bellrooms.com/, is different from others because we enable landlords and tenants to communicate directly with one and other, and you can advertise up to 20 rooms and spaces, from garages to spare bedrooms.