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Need To Find A Roommate – How To Interview A Potential Roommate

Need to find a roommate urgently? When you have a short timescale to contend with, it can be tempting to rush into the process and accept the first person that shows interest. However, it is important to ask key questions to ensure your new roommate is the perfect fit.

We are going to reveal some of the vital questions you should ask when interviewing a potential roommate. Of course, you can make adjustments to suit your situation. Have you shared a place with someone before and, if so, how was the experience? If the person has rented out a room at someone’s house or flat before, you should ask him or her what their worst experience was. This gives you a good idea about what they expect from a roommate and how you are going to find it living together. Do you have any habits or special house rules I should know about? Do you consider food to be community property? This is an important question. Nothing ruins the harmony more than one person eating another’s food; either agree to share, or agree to not. What are your expectations regarding cleaning? What hours do you keep? This is vital; you want to know if the person is going to be practising an instrument late in the night, for example. How often do you like to have friends over? Do you have a significant other and, if so, will they be visiting frequently?

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