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Our Story

The idea is simple - Spare space = Needed space

Founded and based in the UK by Carrie and David, the idea for Bellrooms was initially sparked by his young son! "During long car journeys, instead of playing "I spy" or "who can spot the first white car", we counted as many empty spaces as we could see where people couldn't or didn't seem to live in, including sheds, garages and barns that looked as if they were unused. One day on the way to Cornwall, he blurted out “Why are there so many empty spaces,?" That was the "Eureka" moment."

Being part of community

Carrie has always had a passion for ideas that benefit all with a sense of community spirit. A drive to live in a world where we all look out for one another – if one person has unused space, then surely there must be another person who has a need for that space? The idea, just made perfect sense, so Bellrooms became the place to share space.

What kind of space?

Bellrooms is the only online place where you can advertise or search for any space to rent. It can be anything from a spare bedroom, a garage, a community hall, a wedding venue, a barn, a parking space, a driveway… any space you have free, that someone might have a need for. It’s a great way to earn some extra money, but at the same time help others that need it.

Equality & Fairness

Central to the idea of Bellrooms is the concept of equality and fairness. If a person has a need, then that need should be met with the best possible solution – regardless of status, wealth, age or any other factor. Staying true to these principals, this is the reason why we do not allow promoted posts or any other form of paid advertising. Whilst we build our community, the site is free to use. There will be a time in the future when we will need to charge a small fee to cover admin costs.

Starting in Surrey and the surrounding areas

Bellrooms is a UK based site. Anyone from around the UK can place and search for space. When you have a bright idea, it needs to start somewhere to start moving in the right direction.