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Rent My Car Park Space – Top Tips For Renting Out Your Space

Rent my car park space adverts are becoming more prominent online. People have realised how much money there is to be made from renting out their car parking space in busy areas, as well as those near to transport links, such as train stations and airports.

We have some top tips to help those who want to post this type of rent my space advert. Firstly, if you are going to rent to tenants on a long-term basis, you should meet up with them. Of course, they aren’t going to be coming into your home, but it is still important so that you can establish what they need. You should also put a written agreement together, so that you are both on the same page, and consider asking for a deposit up front. In addition to this, you also need to get the price right. To do this, you should do a bit of research so that you can see what other car parking spaces in the area are being priced at. It is also worth bearing in mind that you will need to fill in a tax return for the income you are earning. You can earn a certain amount tax-free though, which is great news. If you do share your driveway with a neighbour, it is important to make them aware of your intentions. As it stands, you do not need any planning permission to rent out your car parking space, so long as you are not a nuisance to your neighbours, so keep them in mind.

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