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Rent My Room to a Student

Rent My Spare Room to a Student

If you have a spare bedroom in your home, you could rent it out to a student. Listing your room on Bellrooms is 100% free for all listings which includes being able to upload images of your room.

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Leaving home is a big deal for a student, particularly if they are having to move from another country to the UK, and many would be more comfortable within a family setting rather than a flatshare or in students quarters. In fact, most students who leave university do so in the first few months because they are homesick and lonely. 

Foreign Students

Many international students choose to live within a home setting because they want to improve their language skills and experience family life in the UK. Many families already rent a spare bedroom to help in these situations.

Benefits from renting your room to a student

  • Renting a bedroom to a student is a great way of earning some extra money - it comes in handy if you're saving for a holiday or treat your children to some fun days out!
  • Having a student in your home can be great company for your older children
  • If your own children have left home or you don't have any children, the right student can be a great source of company and give you the family setting you enjoy.
  • Students are often very knowledgeable and you might learn a lot from them!
  • For a student who is leaving home for the very first time make, you could make a real difference to their wellbeing and happiness.
  • You could brush up on some language skills if you take in an international student.
  • The money you earn from renting out your spare furnished room is tax-free up to £7,500 a year

What Needs to be provided for the Student?

Providing meals is often included as part of the package but students are usually happy to share facilities such as bathroom, living areas etc as this helps them to feel a part of your own family.

Free Advertising

You can create a full listing for your room completely free of charge! Don't forget to add a picture as it will make your listing stand out. Rent your room to a student today...