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Rent My Room

Renting out a spare room in your home is quick, simple and 100% FREE on Bellrooms! It could provide you with a regular extra income as well as other added benefits.

Why Use Bellrooms?

  • It's free to advertise and you can list up to 20 rooms or spaces too!
  • There are no advert upgrades for anyone so you all get a fair chance of finding the right person for you.
  • We don't charge any commission as you deal with the payments from tenants yourself. 
  • It is quick and easy to create your room rental listing
  • Upload pictures of your room and let potential tenants know what you are offering and what you require in return.
  • Once your advert is created, it is immediately published.

Start your listing now or continue reading for more information.

Renting A Room Has Become Quite The Thing!

Renting a room in someone's house has grown in popularity amongst tenants as renting a flat or house can be a lot more expensive and is often way beyond what some people can afford. And at the same time, those who have rooms to rent out are realising how financially useful these spaces could be for them.

You can choose the rental terms such as the days that your room is available. It could be a part-time rental - perhaps Monday to Friday or just at weekends or even certain days of the week. Alternatively, you may like to rent it out every day of the week to make the most of that room.

Benefits of Renting Out Your Room

There are many benefits to renting out your spare room and a great financial incentive to let your spare room is that the first £7,500 you earn is tax-free for a furnished bedroom!

Other advantages include:

  • You could fund your holiday with the additional income.
  • You could put the money towards a new car.
  • Home improvements such as a new kitchen or bathroom could be a practical use of your extra money.
  • Friendships can be built with someone you can share your home with.
  • Learning a new language could be made easier by renting your room to a foreign student who may be able to help you converse in that language.

How Bellrooms is Different from Other Room Rental Websites

At Bellrooms, rather than just being able to rent your bedroom or parking space, you are able to advertise many different types of room all in one place:

  • Spare bedroom(s)
  • Driveway or Parking Space
  • Office (Home Office / Study or an Office within a purpose built complex)
  • Music Room (if you have a room with a piano or drumset or something similar)
  • Kitchen (for example, baking has become very popular and this might be of great use to someone nearby!)
  • Studio (photographic studio, therapy room, beauty studio etc)

There are many other types of room/space that could be added to that and we welcome you to add whatever room or space you have whether it is an allotment, a garden, room for storage... you get the idea!

Advertise Your Room Today

Listing your room is simple on Bellrooms. Fill in your details (don't forget to upload at least one picture!) and your room will automatically be advertised immediately. List your room or space for rent today!