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Rent Out Spare Room – What Is The Difference Between Subletting And Lodging?

Rent out spare room is something more people are taking advantage of, as it is a great way to make some additional money. If you have been doing some research about renting out a room, you may have come across the words ‘subletting’ and ‘lodging’.

Most people believe that these words mean the same thing, but there are some slight differences that you need to be aware of. Both lodgers and subtenants can rent rooms, however, a subtenant can also rent an entire property if they wish to do so, whereas a lodger only ever rents part of the house or flat. The key difference between a lodger and a subtenant is that a lodger’s landlord is able to enter their room without any permission. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should be rude and just walk in whenever you feel like it, but landlords often enter the room to provide services, such as cleaning, meals or laundry. When it comes to subtenants, they have exclusive use of the room they have rented out, and a landlord needs permission before they enter. In practice, lodger and subtenant rights are fairly similar, especially in relation to shared rooms in the house, such as the kitchen or the living area. However, if you want to rent a room out, it is a good idea to understand the two terms before you check your mortgage or tenancy agreement. If you need permission, write to your lender or landlord; explain the situation and ask for their consent.

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