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Renting A Room In My House – Dealing With Problem Lodgers

Renting a room in my house, what happens if I have a problem with my lodger? This is something a lot of people worry about when they are thinking about renting a spare room out. Luckily, problems do not occur anywhere near as much as you would expect, but there are steps you can take if they do.

When you rent a room out, it is important to deal with any problems with your lodger as soon as possible. If they are not complying with one of your house rules, or they have not paid their rent, you need to address the problem sooner rather than later. Find out why they have broken the rent my spare room agreement. You may find that it is a weight off the tenant’s shoulders to speak with you about it and you can come to an agreement. If they have been too noisy or been coming home too late, they may not even realise they have been doing something wrong, and your conversation may nip the problem in the bud. If the issue persists, you should write to the lodger, setting out what the issue is. Make sure the letter is dated and keep a copy of it. If things still do not get better, you should send them another formal letter, stating that you will ask them to leave if things do not improve. You can evict your lodger, so long as it is for valid reasons, yet you do need to give them a reasonable amount of notice, for example, 28 days.

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