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Types of Space You Can Advertise for Rent on Bellrooms

Bellrooms enables you to make the most of many different types of space and rooms that you may have in your home or a property that you own or even outdoors. 

Whether your space is available for just a few hours or for months at a time you can advertise on Bellrooms and make that space work for you!

Many people may consider renting out a bedroom but there are many more options that may be available for you. Here are some ideas:

Office / Study

A room that has a desk and includes Wi-Fi could be very handy for someone who needs just a few hours or maybe certain days of the week to work quietly. 

Parking Space

You may not use your parking space all the time and parking spaces are often sought after, particularly in larger cities or densely populated areas. Could you earn some extra income by renting out your parking space?


You might have a piece of land (large or small) that may be able to provide you with an additional income, for instance, if someone has a horse or pony then they may need land for grazing. Someone may want to raise money for their charity by holding a summer fete or garden party for which a large garden would be necessary. 

Music Room

If you have a room in your home that has a piano in it, this may be very useful to a music student who doesn't have access to a piano at home. A private music teacher may be in the process of moving house and need that facility for a few days.


If you are out, you could let someone come and use your kitchen. You could rent it out as a one-off or on a more regular basis.


If you own a garage but don't use it at all or only during certain hours, you could be making some money from renting it out during the times when it's not in use.

Photographic Studio

Studio hire can be expensive, so if you are a photographer with your own studio, whether it is in your own home or somewhere else, it could be useful to another photographer to be able to use that room at a lower cost than they may pay for professional studio hire.

Therapy Room

Are you a beauty therapist with your own therapy room? If you don't use it all the time, it may be useful to another therapist who works during the hours that you don't work.


Storage is always sought after, so if you have a lock-up, shed, box room or loft that you aren't using, you might be able to find someone who would benefit from using it which may provide you with some extra income by renting it out.

Other Ideas

There are many types of room or spaces, small and large, that you may be able to rent out to somebody else. Here are some examples:

  • Therapy Room
  • Lockup
  • Meeting Room
  • Vegetable Plot
  • Outbuildings (such as a greenhouse or shed)
  • Swimming Pool
  • Observatory
  • Cellar
  • Dance Studio
  • Art Studio
  • Gym
  • Recording Studio
  • Village Hall / Community Centre

If your space isn't included above then you are able to add a new category when you fill out the "rent my space" form.

Holidays and Special Events

If you are away on holiday, you could partly fund your holiday by renting out rooms that you're not using over that period. 

You may live close to where a special yearly event takes place, such as Wimbledon Tennis, when rooms and parking over that period are much sought after. This kind of event could be a great time to rent out an unused bedroom or parking space / garage.