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Safe Way To Find A Roommate – Safety Tips When Showing Your Property

Safe way to find a roommate is something that a lot of people search online. After all, when you are inviting someone new into your home, you can feel a bit wary and uneasy. But, before you even choose a tenant, you are going to show numerous people around your property, and this alone may make you nervous. Below, we have some safety tips to help you out.

Firstly, when you are looking to find a roommate, you need to pre-screen any potential tenants that you allow into your property. Not only is this important in terms of safety, but it also stops you from wasting time on people that are not qualified to rent a room. Pre-screening involves asking a few questions to find out more about the person. Example questions include: What is your monthly income? When would you expect to move in? Why are you moving? What is the best phone number to contact you on? It is vital to make sure you do not ask any questions that could be deemed discriminatory. You also need to ensure you ask the same qualifying questions to each prospect in order to give them a fair chance. It is also a good idea to get the applicant to fill out a pre-screening application form, so that you have the answers to the questions in writing. In addition to this, never allow people to view the property while unattended, hide all important documents, and do not give out your last name. Finally, always trust your gut!

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