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Tax Relief - Rent a Room Scheme

The government operates a "Rent a Room Scheme" which offers tax relief for anyone renting out a furnished room for residential purposes within their main home, be it a standard home, bed & breakfast or a guest house.

No tax on earnings up to £7,500 a year

You can rent out a room in your home and earn up to £7,500 a year before you're liable to pay any tax on this income. If you don't earn more than this from your spare room then you don't even need to fill out a tax return.

Who is eligible for the rent a room scheme?

This rent a room scheme applies to whether you own the property or rent a property. As long as you're a resident landlord then you are eligible. The scheme also applies to bed and breakfasts and guest houses.

NOTE: This scheme does not apply to homes that have been converted into spare flats.

Further information on the rent a room scheme

Although we endeavour to keep our website up to date with any changes in this scheme we would advise you to visit the link below to ensure that you have the most recent information

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