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  • My name is Amelie and I’m an artist. I needed space to express myself with my painting. Now I have the perfect space near my home. A large shed in the back garden belonging to Norah, a lovely lady who pops in now and again with freshly baked cakes. I love her cakes and she is a great critique too!

    Amelie's Artist Studio
  • I started a new job a few weeks ago which means I now have to spend weeks at a time away from home. Steve and Fran rented me one of their bedrooms and it really is a home from home. They have 2 hilarious teenagers, much like my own, and a crazy pet dog called Alfie. I have meals with them and feel like part of the family.

    Matt's Home from Home
  • I was lucky enough to get the job I’ve always wanted in the city. But parking began to make my daily commute a nightmare. Now I rent a driveway just 5 minutes walk from where I work. I no longer feel stressed in the mornings but look forward to my job which I can enjoy to the full now.

    Mel's Parking Space
  • When I got accepted into Uni, the worst part of going was moving away from my family. I do miss them but I’ve made some amazing new friends in my flatshare. There are 4 of us, Tom, Chloe, Ben and myself. I love our karaoke nights the best even though none of us can sing a note! Uni is going brilliantly!

    Nicole's Flatshare